Centralize your connected objects!
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Domonux is an internet platform that collects data from various connected devices and after treatment (statistics, scenarios, alerts ...).

Do not hesitate, discover our platform !

To complete this service, an application (iOS & Android) is available. It allows to :
  • view the dashboard of the internet platform on smartphone or tablet
  • see the latest events objects
  • receive notifications from objects
  • Services

    With Domonux you can :

    View statistics

    Keep a history of your weather sensors, your balance, your car trips (to make your expense reports) ...

    Make scenarios

    Create scenarios with your objects, such as turn on the heating when you are within 5km from home.


    Receive alerts by email, SMS or push notification (iOS & Android).

    Download the associated application and stay informed

    Receive alerts via push notification (iOS & Android).

    Possible objects

    Here is the list of possible objects and related functionality.

    xee xeeconnect


    The car connected with XeeConnect.



    The wind vane connected with Pioupiou.

    mother cookies

    Mother (sen.se)

    Connected home with Mother and cookies.



    The thermostat connected with QIVIVO.



    The sensor connected to plants with Koubachi.

    netatmo thermostat

    Netatmo Thermostat

    The thermostat connected with Netatmo.

    netatmo welcome tags

    Netatmo Welcome

    The camera connected with Netatmo.


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